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Updated 2023.10

Happy Hour & Cocktails

Happy Hour and Bartender recommended cocktails!

Updated 2023.10

Happy Hour & Cocktails

Happy Hour and Bartender recommended cocktails!

HappyHour is on at NAMIKI667 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm everyday!

A great way to unwind after work or to start off a dinner on the weekends. 
Stop by and delight in our wide variety of drinks and bar food.

NAMIKI667 Bar & Lounge


¥667 (tax included¥734)
・Sparkling wine
・Red wine
・White wine

¥800 (tax included¥880)
・Sapporo Perfect Black Label


¥667 (tax included¥734)
・Nori-san's gimlet

¥1,000 (tax included¥1,100)
・Roku Gin & Tonic
・Whiskey Highball
・Aperol Spritz
・Campari Orange
・667 Martini
・007 Martini

※A 15% service charge will be added to the above prices.
※The menu is subject to change depending on availability.

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Bartender's recommendations
The Bar & Lounge, which opens at 11:00 a.m., offers a variety of cocktails that can be sipped day or night. The bartenders at NAMIKI667 recommend the following cocktails.
Namiki's Espresso Martini

This sophisticated classic coffee cocktail is said to have originated in London in the 1980s in response to requests from young female customers for a cocktail that would "wake them up". Espresso is shaken with "Monkey Shoulder," a Scottish whiskey characterized by its fruity, vanilla and wafer sweetness, and Cointreau, a mellow, orange-scented whiskey. To top off this bitter cocktail is a garnish of coffee beans.

667 Secret

Aperol and Angostura bitters add tartness to Glenmorangie, a delicate and well balanced whiskey with notes of fresh mandarin, lemon, and creamy vanilla. Orange juice adds hints of fresh and fruity flavors. Discover the hidden secrets of this seemingly sweet cocktail.

Fraise Fizz

We also offer mocktails that are flavorful with pops of color.
This easy-to-drink mocktail combines strawberry-flavored syrup with non-alcoholic sparkling wine and lime juice. The aroma of strawberries escapes your nose, and you can enjoy the refreshing taste of lime and wine.

Please feel free to ask the bartender directly for a recommendation as well!!

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