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Breakfast Buffet 5,000(5,500)


Bar & Lounge


  • Hokkaido pork tonkatsu sandwich, Tokyo Tokiwa sauce
  • Pizza Margherita
  • and more (PDF)>

Happy Hour

Celebrating its 6th anniversary, "More Happy Hours!" is being held for a limited time!



Our terrace overlooking the Namiki Dori street is the perfect spot for lunch or dinner.

Prices are subject to service charge and tax.

Food Allergies & Dietary Needs Policy for Guests

1. We kindly ask guests with food allergies or dietary restrictions to let us know us at the time of reservation. We will do our best to accommodate food allergies or dietary restrictions, but we ask that guests consult us in advance for accomodation requests, as some cases may be difficult to accommodate.Please also refer to our Food Allergies & Dietary Needs Policy below. 2. Food Allergies & Dietary Needs Policy for Guests

· We will do our best to ensure that guests can enjoy their meals with peace of mind. We will obtain information on allergens from suppliers (food manufacturers, etc.) and make every effort to eliminate allergens wherepossible.

· However, please note that while we are required to list at least 7 items people may be allergic to and only recommended to list up to 21 allergen items, it may be difficult to fully understand all allergens contained in our dishes.

· Please be aware that we do not have separate kitchens to prepare and handle allergen-free items. For example, there is a possibility that wheat flour may be in the air and could be mixed with other foods as an allergenic substance.

For the above reasons, items on the menu may not be completely allergen-free. We may not be able to serve guests with severe allergic reactions. We ask that guests understand that it is up to the discretion of the guest to decide which items to order, with personal allergy conditions and dietary needs in mind.